I See You

The older I get, the more I ache when I sit too long. On Monday, I was on Zoom with professors and deans who comprise the Committee on Academic and Professional Standards (CAPS) at Valparaiso University. CAPS approves or denies students’ petitions for exceptions to degree requirements, and given the COVID-19 pandemic, there are lots of these requests. CAPS’ meetings are always long, and my college – the College of Arts and Sciences – always presents last.  

Restless from sitting on my virtual viewing butt, I eyed my yoga mat. While the College of  Business Dean described her students’ situations with the rest of us muted, I thought I’d shut off my video, view the meeting from the floor, listen, and do some stretches.  

As I twisted on my mat, I spotted my weights, so I did a few pec flies. Then I flipped over and did my dreaded push-ups. I hate those, but a friend and I committed to regular workouts. Grunting from muscle exhaustion, I felt my phone vibrate next to me. 

“Nice push-up form.”

3 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Mary Scannell

    However embarrassing that was,it was hilarious and I’ll bet they had a good natured laugh. They know you well enough to know how much exercise means to yoI. Just consider it a compliment. And suggest a break in which they could do push ups with you.
    Love. Mary


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