Monthly Archives: February 2020

First Day Upstairs – Branches

This is my first day of writing in the sunroom since we began our house renovation over four months ago. I am awestruck by the view out the window. 


Snow-laden evergreen tops nod in acknowledgement.  

Fresh powder floats on the grill, defying its purpose. 

Branches tell tales of growth,

tentacles supported by the past. 




Reach for connection.

Greet in affirmation. 

Bow in Grace. 

Sway in private rhythm.





Yet buried in snow and ice – nourishing the soul. 


Grayness deepens this monochrome wonder.  

Guideposts wait – patient, knowing.

Roots keen on unseen Light. 

Bark bearing burdens of faithful hope. 


Layers of interwoven boughs,

a never-ending tapestry

communicating wisdom

in silence. 


We will stand tall. 

We will dance.

We will fall. 

We will die. 


And we will nourish others infinitely.