Happy New Year

“If you don’t change your habits, you won’t have a new year. You’ll have another year.”

This quote from a woman of wisdom has been haunting me for two weeks.

I have a lot of good physical health habits: exercise, nutritional eating until 7:00pm, D3, flossing, regular check-ups, and sleep. No drugs. No booze.

Emotionally, I stay connected to great friends, and I love my husband, children and grandchildren with my whole heart and soul. I laugh a lot. People are funny and inspiring, especially the people I’m blessed to hang around.

Spiritually, I read scripture and inspiration daily, and I am thankful. I spend many moments in a state of wonder and awe whether I am with others or alone. My prayer life is based in love. I try to focus on the person who needs prayers and to really contemplate their suffering and joy. I cry a lot.

I try to practice presence, especially when I’m listening. I wish I had been like this when I had a house full of small children. I missed a lot, and I see that now in the absolute beauty of my grandchildren. I accept that I cannot turn back time. I made a load of mistakes, and I’m grateful for the lessons and the opportunity to start new each day.

I love talking about books and shared learning experiences. Time flies in pure engagement.

I love my work, facilitating meetings, hearing other people’s stories, learning how they integrate new ideas into their lives. I love coaching and am fascinated by others’ way of seeing the world and their place in it. I marvel at differences. They are the coolest.

It all feels like so much this morning. There is so much good – I can’t figure out a way to give it away. How do I make a new year?

A great friend said to me, “Why do I do all these things and learn all these things? It’s not like I’m going to be perfect.” As she deliberated about the end goal of living a fully engaged life, I thought about how she is beautifully and perfectly imperfect , like all of us. We all struggle.

Accepting the premise that my end goal is to create new year, I made a list of all the things I could do that could make 2024 new:

Yoga – I signed up and attended a couple of great classes. I can’t seem to fit those spirit-lifting classes into the limited 24 hours in a day. How often is enough?

Nutrition – knock off the 7-8:00 food fiesta. Oh boy. This is a work in progress as this habit is deeply ingrained in my evening ritual. I am starting slowly with binging on almonds – rather than Hershey’s kisses.

Connect with family – my grown children are living full lives. They aren’t longing for weekly existentail chats with Mom. I’ve hinted. No go. I think the idea behind the new year quote is for me to change my habits, not impose new ones on others, let alone my happy kids.

Write – I’m doing it now. So there.

Happy new year! 🙂

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