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Be That As It May

What does that mean? Tim and I were in Ireland this month, and we found people saying this over and over again. Then we watched The Derry Girls on Netflix when we got home, and there it was tumbling out of characters’ mouths – that puzzling summary of all that has been stated before: Be that as it may. 


I gather “be that as it may” is a way of warning you that I’m going to totally disregard everything you just said and tell you my way. So there. 


Or I’m going to express an opinion, and then follow it up with a hedge: Be that as it may. 


Note: If you watch The Derry Girls, be sure to turn on the subtitles. Enough said about the Irish accent. And after wearing a Catholic school uniform for twelve years, being taught by nuns, and attending Mother McAuley High School, The Derry Girls is a delight for me. You just have to tolerate a lot of f-bombs. Be that as it may. 

Sea Glass

Broken glass.  

Strollers pluck 

rounded edges

half buried in surf.


Rumbling earth.

Tumbling waves.

Seeds wash away

Lost at sea.


Words dig chasms.

Hearts probe 

For memories of love.

Calm moments holding, holding.


Family photos,

Grade-school poses,

Longing to rock and embrace

Forever. Amen. 


Tenderness once whole

Splinters to recesses.

Goodbye –

Solitude remains.   


Ragged edges soothed

by whispered psalms –

Mantras of hope

cllimb the final stairs. 


Resilient sea glass

Gleam in dirt, sand –

Glint hope, beauty, Light, love –

the palm of God’s hand.   


Beaches disclose

Smooth, caressed treasures

Weathered, lovely, mighty,

Reminders on the windowsill.