Monthly Archives: January 2020

The Luggage Tag

My lifelong friend Laura turned 58 last week. At this age, what do we give friends? Scarves and earrings always fit. Laura is a middle school teacher, so I knew not to give her a coffee mug, no matter how meaningful or funny the quote on the cup. This year, I gave Laura a luggage tag. It fits in the category of scarves and jewelry, and when I saw it in the tiny gift shop in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (yes, that is a real place), I thought it was perfect for Laura. 

She sent of photo of the gift attached to her teacher bag with a text: “I decided to use my tag on my everyday bag as a reminder of my crazy friends.” 

Gratitude soared through me starting at my stomach straight to my eyes – pure gratefulness in the moment for the women in my life who could be holding those suitcases – a recognition of the blessing of friendship.  

Being grounded in gratitude is not living in La La Land. It is a practice, an observing and awareness and sensing of the good – which is everywhere. It is not deciding what is good and what is bad. It has nothing to do with thinking. Thank goodness.