Monthly Archives: January 2024

I’m done with

I’m done with

high heels, medium heels, any heel that hurts my feet.

cold oatmeal at hotels.

Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos, and anything that ends in tos.


Bring on


time with family, friends, and fellow seekers and sharers.


Conner Bedard.


negativity, bitterness.

“You’re stupid” people.

caring what people think.

anything that makes me sit too long.


openness, trust.


friendships – new and old.

humor, humility.

acceptance of what is.





Thank you for this moment

“I’m not worthy that You should enter under my roof.”

“Only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

Jim Cornelison, the National Anthem, Blackhawks games.

the power of hope and spirit as the freedom flag waves.

Bottle this last bit of gratitude, please.

I may need it in a pinch.

Oh wait; it’s always there.

“You Must Be Mistaken.”

“You must be mistaken.”

I wonder how many people say that to the nurse I saw on Monday.

“Go in Room One, take off your shoes, and come out and step on the scale,” she rotely commanded.

Prior to this OB Gyn check-up, my friend Molly and I walked in the Indiana Dunes – in spite of frigid, biting below-zero windchills that sliced into our habitual catch-up time. We are committed, or maybe we should be committed.

With not-yet-warmed red hands, I stepped into Room One, shivered, and reluctantly took off my boots, my ski pants, and my heavy wool sweater. I considered getting naked and donning the hospital gown before getting weighed, but I was too cold.

I met the firm nurse in the hallway and stepped on the scale. She measured my height as the digital screen scrutinized my weight.

“Oh,” she said. “You lost an inch.”

Kindly, I replied, “You must be mistaken,” and stepped off the scale to establish compassionate eye contact with her.

“No,” she said. “You’re 5’3″.”

“I’m 5’4″,” I corrected while maintaining my convincing gaze.

“Step back on. Stand up straight,” She conceded. No chit-chat from this lady. I stepped on and stood tall.

The stern voice said, “You are 5’3″. You were 5’4″ at your last visit.”

Where the heck did that inch go?

While meeting with Dr. Cheryl Short (I am not making this up), she instructed me to take D3, drink milk, eat dairy, and snack on almonds. I do this daily – with joy. I now believe I would be 5’1″ if I was an almond hater.

Bring on the nuts.

Happy New Year

“If you don’t change your habits, you won’t have a new year. You’ll have another year.”

This quote from a woman of wisdom has been haunting me for two weeks.

I have a lot of good physical health habits: exercise, nutritional eating until 7:00pm, D3, flossing, regular check-ups, and sleep. No drugs. No booze.

Emotionally, I stay connected to great friends, and I love my husband, children and grandchildren with my whole heart and soul. I laugh a lot. People are funny and inspiring, especially the people I’m blessed to hang around.

Spiritually, I read scripture and inspiration daily, and I am thankful. I spend many moments in a state of wonder and awe whether I am with others or alone. My prayer life is based in love. I try to focus on the person who needs prayers and to really contemplate their suffering and joy. I cry a lot.

I try to practice presence, especially when I’m listening. I wish I had been like this when I had a house full of small children. I missed a lot, and I see that now in the absolute beauty of my grandchildren. I accept that I cannot turn back time. I made a load of mistakes, and I’m grateful for the lessons and the opportunity to start new each day.

I love talking about books and shared learning experiences. Time flies in pure engagement.

I love my work, facilitating meetings, hearing other people’s stories, learning how they integrate new ideas into their lives. I love coaching and am fascinated by others’ way of seeing the world and their place in it. I marvel at differences. They are the coolest.

It all feels like so much this morning. There is so much good – I can’t figure out a way to give it away. How do I make a new year?

A great friend said to me, “Why do I do all these things and learn all these things? It’s not like I’m going to be perfect.” As she deliberated about the end goal of living a fully engaged life, I thought about how she is beautifully and perfectly imperfect , like all of us. We all struggle.

Accepting the premise that my end goal is to create new year, I made a list of all the things I could do that could make 2024 new:

Yoga – I signed up and attended a couple of great classes. I can’t seem to fit those spirit-lifting classes into the limited 24 hours in a day. How often is enough?

Nutrition – knock off the 7-8:00 food fiesta. Oh boy. This is a work in progress as this habit is deeply ingrained in my evening ritual. I am starting slowly with binging on almonds – rather than Hershey’s kisses.

Connect with family – my grown children are living full lives. They aren’t longing for weekly existentail chats with Mom. I’ve hinted. No go. I think the idea behind the new year quote is for me to change my habits, not impose new ones on others, let alone my happy kids.

Write – I’m doing it now. So there.

Happy new year! 🙂