What will you keep?

NPR posed the question: What’s on your post-pandemic bucket list? Many responded that they would go to restaurants and bars. Some said they would travel.

I’m going to relish the presence of my mom. I’m going to look into her pale, crystal blue eyes and admire her deep wrinkles, her laughter footprints. I’m going to drive to see my daughters in Chicago and Milwaukee, dance with my grandchilren, and book flights to see my sons in LA and Brooklyn. I’m going to rugby scrum with my southside friends. After that, we’re going to line dance. We cut a deal on that via text yesterday. I’m going to host book club. I’m going to hug, hug, hug my friends and family. I’m going to go out with Tim – anywhere.

I’m going to church. I’m going to sit in that sacred place filled with the joy and heartache of people who have gone before me. I’m going to pray for those who passed from COVID-19 and those who weren’t able to be with loved ones as they lost them during quarantine. I’m going to thank God for healthcare workers and the people who got us through this.

But what will I keep from this? I’m going to cling to my loving appreciation of wit, faith, friendship, and story. I’m going to keep reading, writing, taking classes, teaching and sharing. I’m going to marvel at inspiring poets, authors, philosophers, essayists, and brilliant friends who make me laugh, cry, and rejoice.

I’m going to continue to savor silence as safety, contentment and comfort.  I’ll hang on to the deep respect I have for my husband’s commitment to his clients and his genuine passion for his work. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s one of the reasons the house is so quiet.

I’m going to keep walking and running – the rhythm grounds me and keeps me sane.

I’m going to listen and listen some more. And I’m going to put others first  as I now see that my needs are met in the awareness that I am loved, with all my faults – no matter what. When I am with others, I’m going to really be there. I’m going to pay attention. I’m going to witness the miracle of uniqueness, creativity, suffering and joy.

And I might just try my hand at stand-up. Look out, Brendan.




3 thoughts on “What will you keep?

  1. Kim

    I have commented before that you always make me laugh or cry. You also remind me to REJOICE and to be brave.


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