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I said I’d post on this blog everyday in July, but I didn’t yesterday. I had a post all set to go, but like a kid who says the dog ate last night’s homework, I have a story.

I just returned from a Friday-Sunday women’s yoga retreat led by a friend at our cottage. Saturday at 8:30am, we lined up our yoga mats in the living room and participated in an incredible ninety minute journey through asanas and meditation. I was all in and finally let go of my worries. Are they too hot? Too cold? Is there enough toilet paper? Do they have enough blankets? Will the storm blow the roof off?

As we settled into heavenly morning Shavasana – my all-time favorite corpse pose of just lying on the floor – we heard a BOOM!! So relaxed into my breath, I didn’t budge. Others later said they thought a garbage truck had hit the house.

Next there was a BANG! BANG! BANG! on the door. I tiptoed through the mats to find my neighbor clad in a white bathrobe on the front porch. She sputtered, “Nancy, a huge tree just crushed a car in front of your house, and the power lines are down! There are sparks everywhere!”

Calm from Shavasana, I strolled down the driveway, violated the retreat’s cell phone hiatus, and called 911. Climbing over tree limbs, I snapped photos of my smashed brand-new Honda CRV in my brand-new unattached manner. Oh, the magic of yoga.



I was so grateful for two things: no one was in the car, and it was mine – not one of the guests.  As I nonchalantly documented every angle of the vehicle for my insurance agent, I noticed the downed power lines. When the Michiana Shores Volunteer Firetruck arrived, Mick the firefighter almost had a heart attack because I was so close to the wires.


Dear Reader, I could not post  yesterday because my car got crushed and the wifi was out.

Dear Professor, I  could not do my online homework because I had no internet.

 I hate to be one of those people with excuses. But sometimes – shit happens.


3 thoughts on “No Post Yesterday

  1. Mary Kopale

    HOLY COW!!!!!
    1. Sounds like an amazing yoga weekend. That would have been amazing enough!
    2. Your car! What a bummer – but wonderful that you can see the bright side.
    3. Ahhh – the magic of stress relief through yoga. I have dabbled but now am inspired to get back to it.
    4. I love the 3 sentences you ended with. Great work!!

    1. Nancy Scannell Post author

      It was pretty unbelievable! I never ever park in that spot! I parked there to be out of the way!


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