The Sanctity of Storybook Hour

There are certain non-negotiables when raising young children.

#1    Love them – always.

#2    Read aloud to them – every night, no matter how tired, how crabby, or how many margaritas, glasses of wine, or beers – read and read some more.

To this day, I can recite the introduction to The Berenstain Bears Go to Kindergarten – “It had been a wonderful summer for the Bear family. They had gone swimming and boating at the lake . . .,” and I can tell you all about how the Boxcar Children ended up in the train car. 

When the kids begged for “one more chapter, please,” I would bargain.

“Sure, I’ll read another one if you scratch my back.” I sure miss the heaven of those little hands soothing my itchy Irish skin.


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