My father had all kinds of nicknames for my brothers and sisters and me, but I can’t remember Maureen, Timmy, and Susan’s:

Mike the Pike (a fish?)

Therese, Therese Call the Police (Hmmm)

Frank the Crank (he wasn’t)

Bob the Slob (he may have been)

Eileen the Queen (she is)

Nancy Fancy which morphed into Nanco Magansco (not many know this)

Dan the Man (this one stuck)

Tim and I also had our fair share of nicknames for our kids:

Katie became Katie Katie the Kindergarten Lady when she started school at St. Cajetan. She could have been a model for school uniforms in her plaid jumper, white round-collared blouse, and long, curly red hair. (So sweet.)

Bethy was a feisty two-year-old with no fear.  She’d jump off swimming pool diving boards over and over again as we’d race to catch her in the deep end. Her name evolved into Elizafish Anne Underwater Good Manners Giggler Aeesha Girl. (Hint, hint.)

Brendan became Brendoni Bologna with Mustard and Cheese Big Boy. (Sorry, Brendan.)

One day in mass, Brendan tugged on my sleeve, looked up and said, “Brendoni don’t like church.” (Succinct.)

Brigid became Brigie Lou Who Who is Not More Than Two because of her uncanny resemblance to the Grinch’s greeter on Christmas morning. When our pediatrician in Valpo met Brigid, Dr. Miller said, “I never thought I’d get to watch Cindy Lou Who grow up.” (So innocent.)

Kevin is Kevin – often expressed in tones similar to the parents and siblings in Home Alone.  Kevin posts his art on his website – That’s right. He deleted the “i.” (Makes sense.)


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