Marriage Magic.

Today, our nephew Brian Scannell is getting married to Brittany. I love them both. Brittany is best friends with Colleen Foran, the daughter of one of my best friends, Beth Foran, who is the grandmother of my grandniece Emma. So I already feel related to Brittany.

This morning, I stare at their carefully selected wedding card and seek inspiring words that describe the beauty of marriage. I pick up Something Like Magic: On Remembering How to Be Alive by Brian Andreas, a  poetry collection given to me by my friend MaryAnn. Reading the poems makes me fall in love all over again.

I read Andreas’ descriptions  – whoosh! There it is – that love thing. Each poem adds warmth and gratefulness, but not one says it all. I carefully transcribe “Heart Lessons” on the card:

I will carry you with me

to the end of my days

remembering all the

moments you taught me

to trust my one heart

to be alive



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