Figuring it Out.

We sold our house in Valpo and moved into an apartment near campus. Each day is a lesson in mindfulness as I remember that multiple keys are required for entry, and I can’t just dump my purse on the counter and go back outside for more groceries.   So far, I have only been locked out twice. 

The move was a massive exercise in downsizing, donating, purging, and tossing, yet we still have a rented garage full of boxes at the “flat” (so European).

Last week, I drove to meet my friend Molly for a run. When I returned to our place, I realized that I left the garage door open. I parked in the lot, stepped into the garage, looked around, and thought:

Bummer. Nobody took anything.

1 thought on “Figuring it Out.

  1. Mary scannell

    Congratulations Nancy, I admire
    Determination anddetachment from things of the past Just drop the rest at my place. I’m hopeless. Maryp


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