Really Runkeeper?

Yesterday at work, Ruth Connell described her training for the upcoming Boston Marathon: 60 miles per week, disciplined speed work, long pre-work runs, and careful attention to nutrition and hydration. Ruth asked me if I still run. I said, “I do, almost every day, but not like you.”

In 2001, I ran the Chicago marathon for the 7th time and squeaked in a Boston qualifying time of 3:43 – about an 8:30/mile pace . . . for 26.2 miles. This feat solidified my belief in miracles.

This morning, inspired by Ruth, I hit the streets – hard. I bolted out the door, full-throttled west to Roosevelt Road, hustled to Glendale Ave, hauled east to Silhavy Road, raced south to Evans, and circled back home. Heart pumping, I victoriously checked the Runkeeper app on my phone:

3.88 miles. 9:59 pace.

Who needs cell phone apps anyway?


5 thoughts on “Really Runkeeper?

    1. Nancy Scannell Post author

      Kathy, I was racing! This morning, that darn Runkeeper clocked me at a 10:47 pace! What the hell happened?!


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