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Marriage Magic.

Today, our nephew Brian Scannell is getting married to Brittany. I love them both. Brittany is best friends with Colleen Foran, the daughter of one of my best friends, Beth Foran, who is the grandmother of my grandniece Emma. So I already feel related to Brittany.

This morning, I stare at their carefully selected wedding card and seek inspiring words that describe the beauty of marriage. I pick up Something Like Magic: On Remembering How to Be Alive by Brian Andreas, a  poetry collection given to me by my friend MaryAnn. Reading the poems makes me fall in love all over again.

I read Andreas’ descriptions  – whoosh! There it is – that love thing. Each poem adds warmth and gratefulness, but not one says it all. I carefully transcribe “Heart Lessons” on the card:

I will carry you with me

to the end of my days

remembering all the

moments you taught me

to trust my one heart

to be alive



This is the Best Day

This is the Best Day

This is the best coffee I have ever had. This is the best dinner. This is the best wine. That was the best swim workout. This is the funniest show. This is the most beautiful day. He is the nicest guy. This is the best wedding. This is the most gorgeous sunrise. This is the most beautiful sunset. This is the best beach day. This is the most exciting hockey game. This is the best DJ. This is the best band. This is the most stunning view. This is the best Thanksgiving. This is the best apple pie. These are the best fireworks. This is the best popcorn. This is the best girls’ night. This is the best euchre party. This is the most delicious cheese. This is the coolest race. This is the most scenic trail. You are the best friends.

Brendan said, “Mom, you always say that. You either have the worst memory, or everything tops the past.”

“But, Brendan, this is the best moment.”