Stolen Miles

Rhythmic footsteps, soft silent snow,
Predawn hours, miles logged, who would know?
Weekly goals gained, long distance runs,
Lean limbs, strong arms, powerful lungs.

Pitch black dome, crisp air, gleaming moon,
Quiet world, my mind its own tune.
Grateful runner, each breath I take
Lets me sprint, plod, race, navigate.

Round bend, bolt, roam, leap log, haul hill,
Conquer burdens; legs do your will.
Savor time, relish pace not fast,
Sort past, grasp why, feel peace at last.

Rest inside the palm of His hand,
God embraces me, unbiddened, unplanned.

7 thoughts on “Stolen Miles

  1. Marylou

    Ah, you’ve let me see yourself so clearly! For you, running is just as life saving as water. May peace follow your every footstep!

    1. Tscan711 Post author

      Yes, Mary Lou! You said it so beautifully. Running is also marriage saving. I have been bothering Tim all morning as I try to figure out this whole tweet/blog/post multiple username/password thing. It’s time for me to take Watson to Sunset Hill Park! Tim needs some peace!

  2. Cathy

    Your descriptions of running actually make me think of myself and reading! The gained insights and stress-relief achieved when running could be paralleled by some by reading. I loved the rhythm of Stolen Miles!

    1. Nancy Scannell Post author

      Thanks, Cathy. I also love the escape of reading and the incredible insights gained through a good book. You are also a runner, Cathy!


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