Move more. Nibble less. Listen more. Read more. Talk less.  Explore more. Think more. Write more. Watch less. Give more. Share more. Simplify more. Value more. Consume less. Marvel more. Praise more. Sing more. Dance more. Play more. Complain less. Smile more. Laugh more. Wonder more. Connect more. Accept more. Embrace more. Judge less. Pray more. Kneel more. Thank more. Forgive more. Love more. Live more.

6 thoughts on “Resolutions.

  1. Barbara Hanson

    I was just thinking I hadn’t read anything on your blog in awhile when what to my wonder the most joyful reflection appeared on the screen. It is anything and everything beautifully expressed as resolution. It made me joyful reading it, and that is a New Year’s gift beyond compare. Love, Barb

  2. Marylou Gent

    If only that were everyone’s resolutions…the world would be more wonderful than it could possibly be! Happy new year!


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