One Gadget Down.

My fitbit fizzled. There’s no light, no “Way to go, Nancy,” no “Get moving,” no “Almost there. Just 2236 steps to your goal,” no “You’ve earned another badge!” At first, it was a hoot to banter with Katie and Tim about how I was dominating in steps calculated, a luxury of working on a college campus. I liked checking my progress on my 15,000 steps and the satisfaction of far surpassing that milestone. But I’ve been without Mr. F for three days now, and I don’t miss his electronic encouragement. I don’t miss the daily check to see if I’m wearing it. I don’t miss running back in the house because I forgot it. I don’t miss misplacing it, searching for it, and having to remember where I put it. I don’t miss having to keep track of one more thing.  Now if only I can get this freedom from my cellphone.

4 thoughts on “One Gadget Down.

  1. Julie Gaskell

    Nice blog, Nanc! And with your first grandbaby on its way I don’t think you’re EVER going to be rid of your cell phone! You’ll need to show baby pictures to all your friends, family, and co-workers!! 🙂


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