Ode to Long Distance

In college, a rest

was a run of just six.

Craved more miles

to get my big fix.


Grooved in peace

gliding grace, quiet ten –

ran it weekly,

again, again.


Triathlon craze –

add bike, add swim.

Goal not to drown –

did some with Tim.


Half ironman training,

vivid ironman dreams.

Laps in the pool,

Masters swim teams.


Tim ran Chicago

after cheering for years.

Cramped, crossed finish

So much for post beers.


Tim said “No more.

Running ‘aint for me.

Run all you want, Nance,

Just let me be.”


I ran San Francisco,

Still caught in the lure

Then came Nashville

Mist, drizzle, downpour.


Turn fifty. Aha!

Yes! Less is more.

Pilates and yoga,

dig life on the floor.


Hamstrings scream

at forward fold.

Breathe, reach, stretch,

Beats getting old.


Pay attention to breath,

yep, bit by bit

it’s getting easier –

Be present and sit.


Headstand, handstand,

impossible feats

Would send on Twitter

if I knew how to tweet.


This morn, injured –

Can’t even run three.

Finally learning

I’m free just to be.   

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