Lockdown Limericks

Started off the lockdown in March. 

Barely shopped – mainly ate starch. 

Trips to the store were rare. 

The cupboards were bare. 

Toilet paper loaded our carts. 


Liquor stores break records sellin’ booze. 

Netflix, Hulu, Disney – give lots to choose –

Drama, action, no sports 

‘cept Jordan, football league sorts.

The big draw is Fouci’s new news. 


Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or face,

biting your nails – a disgrace.

If you do not comply,

forget, scratch your eye,

you’ll be shunned in all public space.


We’ve got long distance games in the bag. 

FaceTime, Zoom, House Party all flag. 

Stop what you’re doing and play. 

Shoo isolation away.  

Scavenger hunts, word games but no tag.


Work from home, read, write and run. 

Try to think gardening is fun.

Lots of sleep, so I’m chipper.

Why own pants that zipper? 

I eat like I’m Attila the Hun. 


We ‘ve made it through March, April, now May. 

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. 

We’ll connect through our phones 

and stay in our homes.

We’ll chat with no events to convey. 


The major reset of COVID-19 

brings us closer (and makes us clean!),  

teaches it’s time to let go 

of what we can’t control –

look for lessons in quiet quarantine. 












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