The Light in the Lens

I sit transfixed 

engaged before the screen.

Ancestors sent script,

oft lost at sea, unseen.    


Young spirit spacious,

healthy, safe, at ease,

grounded, relaxed  –

not trying to please.   


Virtual tour,  

dwelling pristine, 

Nature in springtime    

knows no quarantine.  


No breeze. No scent. 

No warmth of day.

No waft from the stovetop.

Words I cannot say. 


Are you in love? 

Is your joyful heart beguiled? 

Do you feel my urge to touch your cheek,  

to share your world, my child?


Your face – a fair miracle –

Tales told in limited scope.

Your new beard a symbol  

of wisdom, depth, growth. 


Diverted eyes, 

a subtle sigh, 

We say I love you, 

Talk soon, goodbye.

You live your dream  

undaunted by time.

Your LIght in the lens

calls me to find and live mine.     


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