I look at my cell, see it’s a call from Brendan in LA, and immediately smile, inside and out.

“What’s new, Mom?” He asks with genuine interest making me feel like my life is filled with wonder and excitement.

“Well, Brendan, you won’t believe it. This morning, I did a headstand in yoga. I’ve always been afraid I would fall on my head.”

“Mom, I think it’s really admirable that you would pick up a new hobby at your age.”

2 thoughts on “Kids.

  1. Sara

    You are always a inspiration for me to keep trying and to push myself further. It is so easy to use our age as an excuse. You probably ran through 3′ of snow in blizzard conditions to get to that yoga class without even thinking that was extraordinary in itself!

    1. Nancy Scannell Post author

      I did run through the blizzard to get to the yoga class, but it was really cool. I wish you were here, Sara!


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