Too Good to Wear

On Saturday night, we went to dinner in Chicago with Bethy and Danny. They treated us to an outrageously wonderful meal for Christmas, and I debated about what to wear.  The five-star restaurant called for the best, the dresses reserved for weddings, galas, really special events. But I opted for a sweater dress because of its comfort and warmth. The others just seemed too good to wear.

After dinner, we went to a fancy hotel for a drink because Danny had heard it was a cool place. We learned that the mixologist created each indulgence with specific artists in mind. My favorite was Ernest Hemingway’s gin gimlet. The back of the drink menu had a guide to each referenced painting, poem or classic novel.

The server wore a stunning three-dimentional necklace of artfully crafted white daylillies. I had never seen anything like it and commented on its beauty. She said, “Oh thank you. It is a [insert some special designer that I don’t recall], and I thought it was too fancy to wear here.”

I told her that when my mom was ninety, she had sores around her neck from a nightgown with rough seams. When I asked her why she continued to wear it, she replied, “Oh I have much nicer pajamas in my closet, but I’m saving them.” We sat in silence for a moment and then laughed our heads off.

Don’t save the best in 2019. Put your best out there – of yourself in every way – and share it.

Later on Saturday night, Tim said he didn’t even notice the server’s necklace. I love that about him.


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