Bethy’s Bar Bonanza

Loyola Family Photo

Loyola Chicago Law Graduation May 2014

Bethy takes the llinois Bar Exam next week in Chicago, and Katie  thought up “Bethy’s Bar Bonanza” as a way for us to show Beth our love and support. Katie assigned each of us rotating days to write a message or share a quote  for our aspiring attorney. Katie labeled 30 envelopes: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. and she collected thoughts from Brendan in LA and Brigid, Bobby, and herself in Seattle. She filled the designated west coast envelopes and mailed them to me along with an Excel spread sheet of dates assigned to each family member. (Yes, she’s a born teacher.) Tim, Kevin, and I filled our respective envelopes in Valpo.

On July 1, I texted Bethy in the basement (I know, it’s ridiculous)  to say there was an envelope for her on the kitchen counter. She replied, “What is it? It sounds scary.” I didn’t respond. On July 2, I put the Day 2 envelope on the counter and sent Bethy the same text.  On Day 8, I placed my home-made card in the arms of a Care Bear, Bethy’s favorite childhood stuffed animal. Sunshine Bear along with encouraging notes about discipline, social justice, unconditional love, and classic family memories help light a path toward Bethy’s sense of empowerment. Quotes from Nietzsche (Bethy hears the music of law), Thomas Buckner (once the battle with focus is won, everything is easy), J.K. Rowling (overcoming evil), David Sadaris (humor is key), and Donatello (a favorite Power Ranger from toddler days), along with others pepper Bethy with inspiration.  Tim’s favorite photos of Bethy as a child accompany his personal words of encouragement while Bobby  provides YouTube video links for study breaks.

One week to go – and we know Bethy will pass. Then she can change the world.

4 thoughts on “Bethy’s Bar Bonanza

  1. Julie Gaskell

    Wow! Your family is amazing! Bethy is a lucky girl! Please pass on to her my wishes for good luck.

  2. Alma

    Congratulations to Bethy. She is going to be a GREAT attorney! Very thoughtful and creative of Katie to come up with “Bethy’s Bar Bonanza”


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