Anything special?

Tomorrow, I leave to visit two of my daughters, Katie and Brigid, who are studying, post-grad and undergrad, at Seattle University.

A friend asked, “Are you going for anything special or just for the weekend?”

“Oh, I’m going to rub Katie’s belly.” That’s all – to see my oldest daughter bursting with pregnancy  in her seventh-month fullness of motherhood, round, beautiful, and brimming with dreams.  To see Katie’s husband Bobby beam with joy over becoming a father. To see Brigid marvel at being the key babysitter for our beautiful new granddaughter.

Tim had business in Seattle last week, and when he hugged Katie good-bye, he felt the baby kick. I’m going to Seattle to feel that, to squat down and let the baby hear my voice, and to tell her that I love her .


4 thoughts on “Anything special?

  1. Carolyn Biesen

    Send my love to Katie, Brigid and Bobby! Enjoy your trip, I hope the baby kicks for you too! Safe travels my friend!


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